Sensible Decisions, Inc. Announces Pain Therapy Mat Liquidation Sale

October 18, 2016

Consumers Line Up to Take Advantage of This Unprecedented of Offering.  Sensible Decisions, Inc. announced the liquidation sale of their Charmed FIR Mats line of heat therapy to make room for their incoming stock supply.  A FIR (far infrared heat) Mat is a mat using amethyst crystals to create far infrared heat, a form of heat which is part of the light spectrum from natural sunlight. It is a safe form of energy that heats objects, bodies, etc. The mini mat is used for pain therapy and known for its many health benefits.  CEO and founder of Sensible Decisions, Inc., Barbara Carmichael, issued the following statement, “The overwhelming popularity of our Charmed Mini Mats has allowed us to make this special offering to our consumers just in time for the holiday gift-giving season.  We want to express our appreciation for all the support from our valued customers as well as make available this one time offer to online consumers. ...

Affordable Housing, Rent Control and Measure V’s Battle Lines

October 14, 2016

  “As the moms and pops that built our mobile home parks age out, predatory, out-of-town corporate investors have been taking over.”  – Measure V proponents “Once rent control is adopted, politicians will – by the tenants’ votes – be giving the landlord’s property to the tenants. It happens all the time.”  – Sam Landy, CEO UMH Properties, not directly impacted by Measure V These quotes are two of the many published perspectives over controversial Measure V - a Humboldt County, California ballot measure – which is on the front lines of the affordable housing conflicts in the Golden State. Measure...

Test PayPal Transaction ID

October 16, 2016


Get Yourself Together Man!

October 18, 2016

Men are humble and uncomplicated creatures. Unfortunately in today’s world of media influence and the pressure to conform to idealized, and sometimes less masculine, points of view it’s hard out there for a man. is a new online men’s magazine that makes it slightly easier for those of us guys who need a little help figuring out where to draw the line. CEO and Founder Tim Seidler thinks it’s an area of men’s health and wellness that is severely under-represented online. “Guys, by nature, aren’t very likely to ask for help” says Seidler. He continues “…but if you can reach them at a place of interest and sneak in some gentle advice on what they could be doing better you’ve got an opportunity to help guys in the area of self-improvement.” And don’t we all need to improve in one area of our life or another? The site focuses on relationship, style, fitness,...


October 13, 2016

WRITTEN, CREATED and PRODUCED by RIZ STORY; TogethermenT Records & Films has put forth a heartfelt must have motion picture music Soundtrack and a must see film coming soon to theaters.  The A Winter Rose Soundtrack solidifies that listening to the songs and adding them to your music collection is well worth it.  Carefully written, produced and selected to be on this compilation each song mesmerizes the soul; and; while listening; you can’t escape wanting to hear them over and over again. Take the releases to recording artist Ethereal single, “Scattered Time” debuting the Billboard Hot Singles Chart @ #11, the DRT Top 50 Pop Chart @#39, DRT Top 100 Independent Chart @#50 and DRT Top 200 Chart @ #185; and; hitting the Billboard and DRT Charts was Country artist Cooper Alan’s single “Carolina Saturday Night” debuting the Billboard Hot Singles Chart @14, the DRT’s Top Country Chart @ #39, DRT’s Top 100 Independent Chart @#50...

Tompkins Financial Advisors Provide Help in Understanding Risk Tolerance

October 14, 2016

Understanding Your Risk Tolerance Do you fill the gas tank when it's half full or do you keep driving until the needle reaches empty? Do you brake when the traffic light turns yellow or do you accelerate through the intersection? Your daily actions are a reflection of your attitude toward risk and your ability to accept or tolerate risk. In the world of investing, this can impact how you build a portfolio because you need to consider  the level of risk you can handle as an investor, according to wealth advisor Matthew Forney, with Tompkins Financial Advisors in Ithaca, NY. Risk Tolerance in Investing When considering purchasing an investment, it is essential to evaluate two aspects of risk tolerance: (1) your capacity for risk, or ability to absorb losses; and (2) how comfortable you are with risk. Your capacity for risk tolerance relates strictly to your financial situation, says Forney. The...

African American Owned Alpha 1 Staffing / Search Firm Awarded Exclusive Staffing Sub-Contract, U.S. Navy, SeaPort-e

October 14, 2016

The U.S. Navy awarded African American owned professional staff augmentation and search firm leader , a new spot as Sub-Contractor on the Indefinite-Delivery/Indefinite-Quantity (ID/IQ) SeaPort Enhanced (SeaPort-e) acquisition program for services procurements program. Alpha 1 Staffing / Search Firm holds an exclusive teaming agreement with California-based 8(a) Prime contract holder and Inc. 500 Honoree , a leading Small Business, and SBA 8(a) Certified firm. The awarded  Small Business 8(a) Prime Contract holders are able to compete for over 1,100 task orders and service requirements with a combined value of over $24 Billion over the next five years solicited by Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR), Naval Supply Systems Command (NAVSUP), Military Sealift Command (MSC), Naval Facilities Command (NAVFAC), Strategic Systems Programs (SSP), Office...

Neurodon Publishes Breakthrough Discovery for Parkinson's Disease Treatment

October 14, 2016

Neurodon LLC has recently published a breakthrough study that paves the way for a new, effective way to treat Parkinson's disease. The novel strategy focuses on a process called endoplasmic reticulum stress, or ER stress. Parkinson's disease is caused by the loss of dopamine-producing brain cells in certain areas of the brain. A major cause of this cell loss is ER stress, and Neurodon scientists have found a way to halt this ER stress. This article establishes the key link between ER stress and Parkinson's disease that is the primary step in developing a new medicine. This report marks the first time a small molecule targeting this pathway has been effective in a model for Parkinson's disease, specifically the 6-OHDA model, which is the industry standard preclinical model to vet new Parkinson’s medications. The compound's efficacy in this model is comparable to the gold standard treatment Levodopa, which is metabolized by the body to produce dopamine....

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2017 Industry Insights from Mansfield Plumbing

October 18, 2016

Leaders at Mansfield Plumbing say there are three words that sum up the focus of the plumbing products industry for 2017: Cleanability, Performance and Environmental.             "The sanitaryware industry has seen a distinct escalation in the growing consumer demand for cleaner toilets this year," says Gary Pember, vice president of marketing at . "People are tired of the almost daily chore of cleaning toilet bowls and rims ... they're looking for easy-care solutions combined with high performance toilets."             Pember relates that this push toward cleaner toilets is being addressed by unique changes in toilet products by many manufacturers. "From the development of easier to clean glazes on the toilet to advanced developments of waste removal to built in washing treatments, manufacturers are working hard to answer...

Leading LA Private Eye heads to NYC to stop female Trump detractors.

October 15, 2016

I am Frank J Monte, arguably the world’s most famous private investigator, some say infamous. Whatever, after 50 years I’m still here. I’m writing this to dispel the notion that I’m dangerous. And because many detractors have labelled me less than legal, whereas I’ve never been found guilty of any wrong doing. So before I begin working for Mr. Trump’s good name I wish to highlight what the press said about me when I showed a young lady wishing to enrich herself of $37 million that she was a total fraud. I believe by now that Mr. Trump’s detractors are of the same ilk. I am often referred to as Los Angeles’ best, [formerly New York City’s, 1990’s], most infamous licensed private eye. I’m the man who destroyed the Versace’s Fashion House’s chances of growing into a publicly traded company, I alleged publicly and in my auto-biography ‘The Spying Game’ [Pan...

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