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September 13, 2016


Mindy: a WiFi Connected IoT Planter With Ambient Lighting Launches on Kickstarter

September 14, 2016

Too busy to water your house plants or worried about what to do when you go on vacation? Mindy, a new WiFi connected planter, waters your plant for you and lets you check in on it remotely via computer or smart phone. Atriot announced today that it is launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to manufacture and market Mindy, a WiFi connected planter designed to monitor and water an indoor plant. The company is seeking to raise $96,000 to complete development and to manufacture their IoT device. Backers will receive special discount pricing and will be first to receive the intelligent planter. Under development since early 2015, the Mindy planter features a sleek cubical design with room for a 6-inch potted plant, a large reservoir of water and programmable LED lighting in the base. The planter houses multiple sensors and a microcomputer programmed to communicate wirelessly over the Internet and to control the planter's built-in lighting and watering system. Indoor...

Service Deal Film Distribution for Independent Film Offered by ServiceDealFilmDistributor.com

September 13, 2016

ServiceDealFilmDistributor.com offers independent feature film and documentary producers new options for releasing their films to theaters and other content distribution channels. Services to producers include: Theater Booking for premieres, multi-city debuts, and one-week bookings in cities nationwide. Includes ticket sales and local marketing on demand. Press & PR services promote feature films and documentaries to writers, editors, and radio producers.   Search Engine Marketing services ensure film and filmmaker can be found swiftly when media pros and the public search for them on Google. Website development to support ticket sales, merchandise sales, and audience collection. Social Media Marketing campaigns to sell tickets and build buzz via Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. Merchandising to expand production company revenues...

KETAMINE: The New Depression Treatment That Works in Hours is Coming to Philadelphia!

September 12, 2016

Ketamine Treatment Centers, the premier psychiatric infusion practice for mood and anxiety disorders, is opening its 6th center nationwide, this time in Bryn Mawr, PA.  Ketamine is a medicine developed more than 50 years ago for anesthesia during surgery, and has been used for that purpose since that time in children, adults, and animals.  More recently, ketamine has been found to be a valuable and highly effective treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, OCD, and certain pain disorders such as fibromyalgia.  Unlike most commonly prescribed oral anti-depressant medications that take weeks to months before the patient and practitioner can even decide if the treatment is working, ketamine infusions have a greater than 70% success rate with improvement noted in hours to days.  In fact, most patients will know after their 1st infusion whether or not they respond (>70% of patients will respond and have benefit), and these are...

Las Vegas Supercontest Winner Jon Price Dominates Westgate Competition

September 13, 2016

His online sports handicapping service, Sports Info Traders, won all five games this opening week of the NFL 2016-2017 season, putting them in first place in the the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook SuperContest. Out of 1600+ contestants in week 1 the Legend Jon Price continues to cement himself at the top of the standings. Of the five opening games of September 11, 2016, Price and Sports Info Traders accurately picked the winners against the spread and was kind enough to tweet the betting ticket for the world to see: Vikings -1.5 points, New York Jets +2.5 points, Houston Texans -6 points, Jacksonville Jaguars +5.5 points, and Detroit Lions +3.5 points. This puts them firmly in the lead and sets the tone for the SuperContest this season. About Jon Price Jon Price is one of the foremost sports betters of all time, and the head of sports handicapping service Sports Info Traders. His famous wagers include Superbowl XLIX, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England...

DealersLink Announces Expansion Into Wisconsin

September 13, 2016

, the original data-driven dealer direct sourcing platform, focused on helping car dealers source and acquire the right used vehicles for their retail markets, has announced its expansion into Wisconsin.  Wisconsin is America’s dairy land, well known for its dairy products and its two coastlines on Lake Michigan and Lake Superior. DealersLink has begun signing on Wisconsin dealers to buy, sell and trade directly with no buy or sell fees. The company’s full suite of Automotive Dealership Solutions is now available to all Wisconsin dealers as the aggressive expansion into dealerships accross the state and the Midwest markets has begun. DealersLink’s expansion into Wisconsin is another move in their growth trajectory for a bigger state by state national roll-out plan. The model adopted by the company focuses on data-driven technology, complimentary industry leading inventory management...

HR GAMES brings World War II tactical strategy to handhelds with T.A.C. HEROES: BIG RED ONE™ for PlayStation® Vita and PSP®

September 13, 2016

From the North African Coast to the shores of Sicily and the forests of central Europe, men of the 1st Infantry Division led the way toward the liberation of Europe and the eventual defeat of the AXIS powers.  Italians, Vichy French, and Germans all faced and fought these gallant men across the battlefields of Europe and North Africa.  The exploits of the US 1st Division have been brought to strategy gamers everywhere in a turn based isometric game.  Created and developed by Hoplite Research, LLC with scenarios and Campaigns based real events, players will try their hand at leading a squad of men to victory while managing the tactics, weapons and keeping the squad alive to fight another day. Take command of a squad of the 1st infantry Division or any one of the Italians, Germans or French in Scenario mode, and enjoy the fun of squad strategy and tactics on the PSP® and PlayStation® Vita handheld...

The Alkalizers In Alkazax May Add Years to A Dogs Life

September 13, 2016

Alkazax wants to help add an extra month, a day or hopefully years to the lives of pets by protecting their liver and kidneys from decay thru the use of natural alkalizers. Liver and kidney decay is one of the most common causes of death in dogs and cats. Since we know this to be a fact, Alkazax may be able to help dogs and cats to live longer by using a little bit of smart prevention with the use of ingredients that are well documented to protect the liver and kidneys. Alkalizers help to detoxify the body by removing acidic waste products created by a dog's body as well as removing toxins absorbed thru their environment and their food and created from the process of aging. Acid wastes collected in the body that are not neutralized may lead to more serious health conditions like liver failure, kidney failure or cancer, which are the main reason dogs and cats pass away. The Alkalizers in Alkazax are designed to help neutralize the acidity and lower the ph of acid waste products...

Local Real Estate Company Is Giving Back In a Big Way

September 13, 2016

As real estate agents descend upon the Park Hills Heights communities, which has rapidly become the hottest market in Los Angeles, motivated by the prospect of hefty commissions, there's one very active company that seems to be doing more than just "cashing in".  Marv Peters (pictured), a 30-year resident of the Park Hills Heights Communities, and founder of Park Hills Heights Realty Group, isn't impressed.  " I see them all the time. Realtors who, just two years ago, had never heard of Angeles Vista or Don Felipe Drive, following their Waze app up La Brea, motivated only by their commisisons, and it's unfortunate.  When the market slows, they'll be nowhere to be found."  Said Peters.  "But that's where we're different.  We're not just a real estate company.  We're part of this community, and we support it.  At Park Hills Heights Realty Group, we pledge 5% of every commission...

The Real Yung LA expands Uber focused lyrics with new single 'Designated Driver' and video

September 13, 2016

Mashable journalist Seth Fiegerman has recently reported that rap has become the new cliché of Uber. He states, 'Rap artists, always eager to stay positioned at the cultural vanguard and attach themselves to trendy brands, have latched onto the Uber brand with particular gusto.'  However, a California hip-hop artist has a different interpretation.  In an era where run of the mill rappers come a dime a dozen; artist The Real Yung LA is on his way to sit atop his throne as possessing one of the most notable and unique approaches in hip-hop. The South Central, Los Angeles based artist has scored critical fanfare and praise for his contributions to The Game, Ty Dolla Sign, Waka Flaka Flame, Young Dolph, Dj Quik, and more. In his new single, 'Designated Driver,' Yung LA writes about his high-rolling, bottle-popping friend who won't do anything without two bottles in his hands, friends by his side and an Uber driver navigating the 'turn...

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